Zero tolerance policy

Zero Tolerance Policy

The school will not tolerate the following.


1. Use of abusive language/gestures.
2. Bullying.
3. Getting involved in fights.
4. Bringing dangerous item/abusive substance into the school that jeopardizes the health and safety of other students and staff in the school.
5. Deliberately damaging school property in any way.
6. Leaving the school premises during School hours without permission.
7. Habitually coming late or without proper School Uniform.
8. Coming to School without Student organizer, notebooks.
9. Carrying mobile phone/any other gadgets.
10. Surfing social networking websites.
11. Public display of Affection.

Note: The school reserves the sole right to dismiss students whose progress in studies consistently unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful of injurious to other student’s morality.